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7 July 2010

Rich council bosses & Poor council workers

Labour Party favouring the wealthy over the poor

The arrogant mistreatment of poor and badly paid junior council staff by Slough Labour Party is absolutely appalling.

In Slough, Labour is the party of the super rich, headed by Labour MP Fiona MacTaggart with an estimated fortune of £40 million from property and other investments.

Slough's poor and the needy have been forgotten by a selfish Labour Party.

Some council employees are so badly paid they have second jobs as cleaners to make enough money to cloth and feed their families.

Unkind Labour councillors have forced low pay junior council staff on salaries under £21,000 p.a. to accept pay cuts of more than 10% by 2012.

Meanwhile fat cats like council solicitor Steven Quayle retire early and get free pension top-up of £186,000 paid by Slough's council tax payers. Everyone was surprised when Mr Quayle was back at work a few weeks later as a council solicitor.

Another scandal is Labour's offer of retrospective redundancy totalling a massive £219,000 for former assistant director of finance Liz Frawley (council salary £106,000 p.a.) who resigned from the council in December 2009. Once again Labour are forcing Slough's council tax payers to pay the huge bill.

Ruth Bagley, the council's chief executive, was awarded a massive £50,000 pay rise by Liberal Cllr Richard Stokes when she came to Slough. Since then Mrs Bagley's pay and perks have risen to £185,000 per year - more than £50,000 above the salary of the Prime Minister of the UK.

I publicly appeal to Mrs Bagley to voluntarily copy the Prime Minister's example and take a 10% pay cut especially as she is cutting the pay of poor junior council employees who are struggling to pay their bills and care for their families.

I can not understand how Labour can pay Mrs Bagley more money than the Prime Minister when Mrs Bagley's council is riddled with inefficiencies and bad service. Labour's Reward the Rich and Punish the Poor scheme is morally repugnant. The founders of the Labour Party must be turning in their graves with disgust at those that have hijacked Labour's original principals of decency. fairness and equality.

Meanwhile Slough's pitiful Tories, silent IBR, insipid Liberals and declining Lib Dems seem to be on-strike because they have failed to stand-up for the interests of Slough's over-taxed residents. Amazingly some of these councillors are unable to read and write English.

Once again only the Slough Party seems to care about the people of Slough.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.