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Sunday 18 July 2010

Abominable Art

How Unqualified Council Staff Waste Your Taxes

Incredulous gasps of disbelief greeted Slough Council's announcement that its alleged £8 million High Street scheme had won an award from an unknown group of people.

In my view, there is nothing to be celebrated with a scheme that has resulted in the destruction of the grassy Yew Tree Road rest garden, caused major disruption to shoppers and shop-keepers for several years and seriously damaged the town centre's viability. Elderly people have tripped over the ludicrously high kerbs and hurt themselves.

To cap it all, the council is now failing to look after its new investment properly; utility companies have already mutilated sections of paving, which have been roughly patched with concrete, while the paving is dirty and littered with chewing gum.

A more sensible option would have been something timeless and less elaborate, which would have been cheaper, easier to maintain and replace and which would not become old fashioned, as this waste of money doubtless will.

Instead of accepting the award, the council should issue an apology to the public for the disruption and distress caused and for the scandalous misuse of pubic funds.

Why does this profligate council so joyfully waste the public's money whilst ignoring the serious social and economic problems blighting Slough's future? Surely we deserve better?

Tristan Miles