Friday, 14 December 2018
21 July 2010

What Future has Pitiful Slough ?

No signs of Labour and opposition councillors caring

The unemployment crisis in Slough is made worse by the Labour Party's successful plans to close down university education on the Thames Valley University site - something Slough Labour MP Fiona MacTaggart told parliament on 13 January 2010 she was unaware of. Amazing, as the local Labour Party has been desperately trying to build flats and a hotel on the university campus since 1996 - one year before Fiona MacTaggart was first elected as Slough MP.

In local supermarkets highly skilled and talent young people are working as check-out cashiers. However part-time work is decreasing as supermarkets switch to self-service check-outs with the customer doing the work. In Sainsbury's, Farnham Road, last week the company reduced staff hours by 120 per week. It does not seem significant but to the low paid workers, in a recession made worse by Labour's financial mismanagement, every penny counts.

Labour's deliberate policy of flooding Slough with new immigrants continues to upset the indigenous whites, Asians (some have been here 30 years) and even the Poles who started coming about 7 years ago.

Whilst everyone recognises Slough is over-full, lacks jobs for local people, now has no normal university education facility, has a shameful literacy record with some youngsters leaving local schools without being able to reed een rite proppley, Labour run Slough Borough Council continues to stick its corporate head in the self-made sands of deception and pretends everything is rosy.

Opposition councillors from the BILLD and Conservatives groups are ineffective at successfully sticking-up for the interests of local people. Some of these opposition councillors can not read and write English properly. It is more evidence of Slough's continuing decline into the depths of despair and ruin.

Meanwhile council mandarins gleefully waste public money on themselves, their friends and everyone except the public. Making people's lives a misery continues to be their mistaken priority.

Shamefully, rich top council staff have cut the wages of low paid junior council staff. Trades Unions allowed it to happen. Staff and their families are furious.

As Fiona MacTaggart said on 26 January this year "I abhor appointment to a democratic Chamber". One wonders why Fiona has persistently failed to speak-out against the unsatisfactory state of Slough's autocratic and unrepresentative local government. Scared of tackling Slough's loony Labour ? Surely the public's interest should come first before the Labour Party's vested interests ?

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.