Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Tuesday 3 August 2010

Labour's Parking fines killing dying High Street

High Street needs Shoppers not Parking Wardens on bonuses

When is Labour run Slough Borough Council going to stop persecuting the public with its draconian parking enforcement (which I am told it wishes to extend from the town centre to other parts of Slough such as Britwell)?

For example, I recently observed a woman leave her car on a yellow line in the High Street. Instead of asking her to move her car, the traffic warden who was watching merely proceeded to issue a ticket.

This conflicts with the claim of Slough's parking enforcement manager, Kam Hothi, in last week's newspaper that traffic wardens are "quite lenient". I light of what I saw, how can she claim this?

The article also confirms that over 5,500 parking tickets were issued in Slough High Street during 2009-10. It is therefore clear that the council's aim is to generate income. Instead, parking enforcement ought to be about keeping the streets clear and stopping people from abusing the system.

Readers might also be interested to know that, disgracefully, Slough's parking ticket machines do not give change. As if this wasn't bad enough, recent enquiries with the council have revealed that its machines do not even record the additional money received (because no change is given), only the actual fee due. Who knows what happens to the extra cash as there is no record that it ever existed! If the council wishes to con the pubic by not giving change, it could at least look after the additional monies it receives!

Parking enforcement is just another way in which Slough Borough Council is killing off our High Street. In the past, one used to be able to park in roads such as Church Street for free for a limited period, which was perfect for a quick visit to the High Street. With this privilege withdrawn, it's no wonder we now have so many empty shops. The new shops destined for the trading estate that Labour recently gave planning consent for will make matters even worse for the High Street.

Labour councillor, Fiza Matloob may think that the town has "weathered the storm" but he clearly hasn't been down the High Street and seen the number of empty shops.

With Labour councillors that don't seem to have a clue what is going on in the town they represent, I don't hold out much hope for a renaissance here in Slough. All Labour seem to care about is their recent 46% pay rise with chief councillor Rob Anderson receiving £26,000 a year and his deputy James Swindlehurst £20,000. I think Labour's priorities are very wrong.

Tristan Miles