Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Monday 23 August 2010

Who is CostaDelSlough ?

Does anyone know the identity of Twitterer, CostaDelSlough ?

Despite relatively infrequent tweets, this person clearly has far more knowledge of the town than most councillors or senior staff at Slough Borough Council.

While many councillors appear to me to lack a decent grasp of English, making them completely ill-equipped to represent their constituents, the senior staff almost all live outside Slough and, in my view, are only concerned with pay, perks and pensions. All appear to me to lack any affinity with the town or respect for its past.

While CostaDelSlough proudly uses a photograph of the bus station as his proud symbol of the town, our councillors are working towards its destruction, in favour of an unsightly empty site for rough car parking.

Slough urgently needs better elected representatives.

Tristan Miles