Friday, 14 December 2018
Monday 23 August 2010

Labour's shameful demolition of Thames Valley Uni

Labour's 14 year battle to abolish Slough's university education

How very sad it is to see the demise of higher education in Slough as Thames Valley University (TVU) is demolished (see picture).

Readers should be aware that its demise is all due to Labour run Slough Borough Council's 'Heart of Slough' scheme. This unwanted redevelopment has been actively encouraged by Slough Labour Party since the late 1990s; the Labour council finally gave planning consent for 1598 flats on the TVU site in July 2009.

Labour ought to realise that Slough needs educational facilities and low rise housing - not more high rise flats. How will flats solve the high illiteracy and poor skills of Slough's population? More high rise flats will create a ghetto.

In spite of the flats' planning consent and ensuing demolition, no developer is interested in building these 1598 unviable flats. The only reason that the university buildings are being demolished is so that TVU does not have to pay the ridiculous empty buildings tax introduced by the Labour government.

Most shameful of all is the demolition of the TVU library (pictured) by renowned architect, Richard Rogers. It was completed in 1997 at a cost of £3.6 million of public money.

I can only conclude that Slough Labour party deliberately wants to deprive people of an education and instead wishes to pack the populace into the high rise flats that other more enlightened towns are now demolishing. This is a pitiful state of affairs considering that the Labour party was set up to champion and inspire the working classes.

In Slough, Labour seems to want to entrap people in ignorance and poverty. Perhaps they think that people in such a predicament are more likely to vote Labour?

Tristan Miles