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Thursday 30 September 2010

Slough Council keeps residents awake all night

Top Slough Council Staff show contempt for local residents

The resurfacing of the Coop roundabout for the new Sainsbury's superstore has tested the patience of local residents to the absolute limit. For eight nights, the council has been resurfacing this section of the A4 Wellington Street between 9pm and 4am.

While I accept it is a busy road and it is very difficult for the council to effect resurfacing works during the day, I do not regard it as reasonable behaviour for the council to be carrying out resurfacing works up to 4am. This has included cutting kerb stones with an angle grinder outside my bedroom window at 3.30am and digging up the road surface with a pneumatic drill. This is in addition to the constant beeping of the diggers and the area being lit up like a summer's day all night long.

Imagine the distress and tiredness caused if one had an important meeting the following day, or perhaps an exam - in such circumstances it would be necessary to move to a hotel in order to get a decent night's sleep! Many people have young children and babies that would have been disturbed and frightened by the very noisy road works.

A far more reasonable solution would have been to have spread the works over more nights and instead to have carried out the works between 9pm and midnight, rather than between 9pm and 4am.

Having spoken to Sainsbury's, who carried out the work for the council as part of the construction of the superstore, I am informed that it was Slough council that dictated that the contractors should work through to 4am.

Would these works would been carried out at such unreasonable times had they been outside the chief executive Ruth Bagley's flat, the council leader Rob Anderson's house, or perhaps the home of the council's highways chief Gillian Ralphs ?

In my view, senior council staff think Slough people are stupid and do not deserve the health and welfare considerations they make for themselves and as such, we are treated with contempt and indifference; this debacle proves the point. How much longer will the unreasonable and disgraceful anti-social behaviour of senior council staff be allowed to inflict so much misery and distress upon the good people of Slough who pay their often inflated salaries? This Labour run council badly needs to clean up its act.

Tristan Miles