Wednesday, 22 May 2019
Wednesday 6 October 2010

Slough Council's unfair car clamping

Rich Council Bosses Rip-off Poor Public

Last year Slough Borough Council charged residents over £775,000 in parking fines. Parking fines were introduced in Slough in 2003 when Labour councillors virtually bankrupted the council. Labour is never careful with the public's cash. They waste public money like water.

Labour councillors allow their private parking wardens to park on double yellow lines while handing-out parking tickets to local residents. That is very two-faced. It is sign of Labour's hatred of motorists who pay billions of pounds every year in road tax and on fuel but get little back.

Labour's 2010 election leaflets do not mention clamping the public who dare to park on Slough roads. Yet that is exactly what Labour councillors under the leadership of Cllr Rob Anderson (Farnham) and Cllr James Charles Swindlehurst (Cippenham) have decided to do. Labour have decided to clamp, tow-away and even send the bailiffs round to seize people's belongings simply because they park their cars in Slough.

Parking is the responsibility of Cllr James Swindlehurst, a full-time senior official at national Labour HQ in London. No doubt Cllr Swindlehurst will tell the worried public Labour only wants to to clamp, tow-away and send the bailiffs to break into people's homes in only a few cases. How can anyone believe that when Labour have recently asked Buckinghamshire Council Council for permission to issue parking fines, clamping, towing-away and sending bailiffs to people's homes just because they parked on the Bucks controlled road outside Wexham Park Hospital ?

If you live outside Slough in places like Ascot, Beaconsfield, the Farnhams, Windsor, Maidenhead, South Bucks, Stoke Poges etc. please tell your local councillors and your MP to demand No to clamping and towing-away of patients and visitors cars parked on the road outside Wexham Park Hospital.

Labour's proposed persecution of the sick and family members that visit them or take them to hospital for treatment must be vigorously resisted. Instead of solving the parking problem lunatic Labour wants to deny NHS care and treatment to patients arriving by private car.

Why is Labour MP Fiona MacTaggart too shy and embarrassed to stand-up for the public who need to visit our local hospital ? MPs are supposed to support the public but all Fiona is doing is supporting a bunch of Labour nutters waging war against local motorists and NHS patients.

Amanda Fox, careful car driver
Slough Party.