Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Saturday 23 October 2010

Slough's Conservative Starlet Vanishes

Anyone seen Lady Diana Coad?

In these stringent economic times it is disappointing that Slough's Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Lady Diana Coad has literally vanished from the local political scene rather than remain and support the public as she repeatedly promised before the general election.

Having voted for her Ladyship it seems my vote was a wasted vote because, even if elected, it is increasingly doubtful whether her Ladyship would have achieved much for the people of Slough.

Holidays to Cyprus, Africa, the USA and trips to the Isle of Mann often with her husband Cllr Peter Dale-Gough combined with the overseas absences of the remaining Conservative councillor Frank Abe have on occasions left Langley St Mary's ward without any elected councillor ready to assist and champion the causes of local residents.

Where is the public leadership her Ladyship promised us before the election?

The new prime minister reduced his ministerial salary then the local Labour Party gleefully embarked upon a 46% fat-cat pay rise for themselves at the public's expense. 5 Labour councillors voted to give planning permission to a Labour Party official to build small sub-standard flats in Slough's Chapel Street. The local Labour Party have been renting their 29 Church Street headquarters from Slough Borough Council for a peppercorn rent every year (you can buy 100 pepper corns in a packet for £1.50). No other political party in Slough gets "free" offices from Slough's Labour controlled borough council. No wonder Labour leader Cllr Rob Anderson looks pleased especially with his £26,000 a year council wage paid by Slough's struggling Council Tax payers.

In these hard times, with everyone suffering from cuts - except Slough councillors enjoying a 46% pay rise - will Lady Coad encourage her fellow Conservative councillors to reject Labour's generous 46% pay rise for Slough's 41 councillors - which will cause low pay council staff to lose their jobs - or will her Ladyship turn a deaf ear to growing public concerns about important local issues?

Could Cllr Diana's current lack of local political visibility and her decision not to attend this year's national party conference be due to her disagreeing with her prime minister's coalition polices?

Bal Singh
Disillusioned Resident