Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Tuesday 2 November 2010

No Democracy in Langley

Locals denied say chosing Conservative candidates

Everyone says we have democracy but is that actually true here in Langley especially if we want to vote Conservative?

4 times election loser Waljinder Chahal has been selected as the Kiddermister ward candidate without public involvement.

Diana Coad from Burnham was given the candidacy for St Mary's ward despite several well known and well respected potential candidates living in the ward and keen to serve. For instance Tim Williams.

Why should the Dale-Gough family from Burnham be allowed to plonk Mrs Dale-Gough (a.k.a. Diana Coad) on us as the only candidate with no democratic selection meeting and no opportunity for local Conservative members and supporters to have any say or influence about important matters affecting our own ward?

The Burnham couple's actions have squashed-out a democratic selection process. Both are Conservative councillors for the St Mary's ward. Both are too afraid to stand in the Haymill ward where they live. Instead our local candidates who live in our ward are being prevented from standing for their own political party. At last year's election Frank Abe from Foxborough ward was imposed on use because he was the Dale-Gough's preferred choice.

We have no interest imposing a Langley candidate on the voters in Haymill. It would be nice if Haymill residents respected our wish to pick our own local candidates to represent us. This is what democracy is supposed to be about.

I hate Labour for their abuse and defilement of our borough but Labour actually let their local members have a free vote to chose their ward's election candidate.

If Labour can be democratic on this why is our local Conservative Party (chairman Waljinder Chahal, deputy chairman Peter Dale-Gough) so unwilling to uphold and respect the democracy our brave forefathers gave their lives for?

Walter Smith