Friday, 14 December 2018
2 November 2010

Where Are Slough's Conservatives ?

Labour has no opposition

I could not stop laughing when I read that Labour pay only a pepper corn rent to Slough Council for their 29 Church Street headquarters.

Where are Slough's ramshackle Tories and their dwindling members (134 at the last count) these days? No wonder Labour do whatever they like.

Remember Churchill House, owned by the Slough Conservative Association, on the corner of Windsor Road and Chalvey Road East, a building people could be proud-off? Having sold the premises and frittered-away all their funds, Slough's homeless Conservatives now operate from Cllr Balwinder Dhillon's converted garage at 69 London Road. Previously the Tory's local HQ was in the front room of Lady Coad's residence in Burnham.

Slough Tories dire financial hardship is confirmed by them asking Windsor Conservatives to pick a candidate for the May 2011 elections for the Colnbrook ward of Slough Borough Council - but only if Windsor Conservatives pay all the election expenses. News from Tory heartland south of the River Thames say there are two contenders. Ex-Cllr Dexter Smith and current incumbent and Labour Party defector Cllr Rakesh Pabbi.

It is shocking Slough is no longer capable of picking a Conservative candidate for Slough's Colnbrook ward. Instead everything is being controlled by anonymous Conservatives operating from Windsor.

The Conservative's "selling" of election wards to organisations outside Slough is terrible. How long before the Tories sell their grandmother and the family silver to get some cash?

Will Southall Tories take-over in Upton ward, choosing the candidate and paying the election expenses? Beaconsfield Tories selecting the Langley St Mary's candidate, Wokingham Tories selecting Cippenham candidates. Ascot Conservatives Chalvey's candidate and Maidenhead Tories Haymill ward's candidate. What a chaotic mess.

How can any ordinary person have confidence in Slough's deficient disorganised disappointingly dismal Conservatives ? Even the Lib-Dims are better.

Babs Smith