Sunday, 15 September 2019
24 November 2010

Breaking-free from Slough Council's Shackles

Expensive Services Monopoly

Whilst not a fan of the Coalition Government's policy allowing schools to become academies, I however sympathise with Slough Grammar's desire to break free from the constraining shackles of Slough Borough Council - a council classified as a 'Rotten Borough' by Private Eye magazine.

The rest of us living in the borough lack any ability to break free from our poor performing council forcing us to buy monopoly service at expensive prices. Compelled to pay ludicrously high prices for very basic council services is unfair, undemocratic and lacks public accountability.

Local government in this country is in urgent need of reform especially in Slough where the council charges us money to receive their own propaganda praising themselves. How can anyone justify paying the council's boss £185,000 a year in these financial difficult times?

Amanda Fox
Slough Party.