Wednesday, 26 June 2019
24 November 2010

Wake-Up Slough Conservatives

Persistent Tory Slumbering Pleases Failing Labour

Mr Wal Chahal, the Conservative Party chairman, (Observer, 19 November) fails to justify why the couple from Burnham (Lord & Lady Coad) are preventing local man Tim Williams standing for the Conservatives in his home ward of Langley St Mary's. People who live locally inevitably know the area better than people living miles away on the other side of the borough. Mr Williams is a popular and respected person. He will make an excellent choice.

Already on the electoral register at my home and a member of the national Conservative Party, I shall neither duplicate my membership nor unlawfully seek a second vote, like his Conservative councillor for Colnbrook did. I support the principle of one person one vote.

Mr Chahal should know the electoral register must be used only for the purpose of electioneering and not for tracking down those daring to criticise the unimpressive performance of Slough Conservatives.

It is a continuing pity that Slough Conservatives are pre-occupied with bitter and persistent internal wrangling. It is a silly own-goal. No wonder membership is hovering around 130; many are elderly; some avoid renewing.

Mr Chahal and his fellow Tories must use their extraordinary meeting on 29 November to end their squabbling and bury their personal dislikes. Only then can the laughing stock of Slough become a real political party fit to challenge Labour.

All the best.

Walter Smith