Friday, 14 December 2018
4 December 2010

Will The Conservatives Unite with the BILLD ?

Will Slough's Divorced Opposition Kiss & Make-up ?

In the absence of Pervez Choudhry as one of their number, Slough Tories have now been allowed to share council shadow cabinet positions with their former collaborators, the BILLD.

The BILLD are of course a coalition of rag, tag and bobtail political interests in Slough . Local Lib Dems and Liberals have recently shown that they are happy to embrace the policies of their Westminster masters in making knee-jerk cuts, the repercussions of which will affect millions and could easily push the UK back into recession.

Now that the acolytes of the ruling Tory couple, the Dale-Gough-Coad's have parked-up Balwinder Dhillon they will doubtless appear more appealing to their former partners in the BILLD.

We will soon see whether Dexter Smith will be recalled to contest Colnbrook with Poyle in place of Rakesh Pabbi or whether he will be drafted in to Upton to try and give the Tories more credibility.

No doubt the thought appeals to the opposition parties of a coalition in Slough once again. Following on from the lost years of 2004-2008 the public deserve to know whether they will be supporting each other in 2011 in their desire to gain power.

Trevor Allen

The BILLD are a group of councillors consisting of 2 Wexham Independents, 2 Britwell Independents, 2 Haymill Liberals and 3 Foxborough Lib Dems.

The name BILLD means Britwellian, Independent, Liberal and Liberal Democrat.   Its founder and first leader was Cllr Richard Stokes.