Friday, 14 December 2018
16 November 2010

Historic Slough Town Hall to become School ?

Worrying concerns remain about potential Council vandalism

Over the last three years, my group and I have, in the overwhelming interests of the vast majority of local residents, tried to stop the council demolishing our unique Historic Town Hall.

I (and indeed most of the public) would have preferred to see the building continue in its original intended use. Last week's council meeting, at which it was decided that Slough Town Hall will be converted into a primary school, is a reasonably promising development and is infinitely preferable to outright demolition.

However, my suggestion to councilors that they should make a specific written instruction to council officers that the building's historic fabric and features should be preserved when undertaking the conversion was, unfortunately, ignored.

Consequently, there is a danger that unique marble floors, fireplaces and panelling could be callously thrown into skips by council officers intent on cutting corners, saving time and failing to exercise the highest standards.

Similarly, councilors failed to give a written instruction to their officers that the external appearance of the building (such as its open aspect and copper roof) should be preserved intact, despite the fact that councilors expressed their verbal wish for this to be so.

I understand that the Historic Town Hall will now be subject to a planning application for the proposed conversion. I look forward to scrutinisng this and hope that it will not include damage to this building, which is held in such high regard by Slough's public.

Tristan Miles