Sunday, 15 September 2019
12 December 2010

Is Lib Dem Councillor Turning 'Blue' ?

Labour questions Robert Plimmer's allegiance

Following the ongoing correspondence in the Slough Observer between Robert Plimmer (Lib Dems councillor, Foxborough) and Ted Plenty (Labour candidate, Foxborough) it has become clear that the former is undergoing a metamorphosis. Unfortunately not into a butterfly, but instead a true blue Tory. Gone is the candidate who stood for the Council in May and was narrowly returned as a Lib Dem against the Labour candidate (Ted Plenty) with the Tory coming third.

What is emerging after only six months of the "Coalition" is the desire from Liberal Democrats locally as well as nationally, to embrace policies which in other times as perpetual opposition, they would have rejected. But then, power corrupts.

They have exhibited these traits before in Slough when they fell in with others to become a Tory dominated coalition.

No doubt Robert looks back to those halcyon days with fondness even though it meant stagnation for Slough.

Trevor Allen