Wednesday, 26 June 2019
20 December 2010

Concrete Champion Cllr James Swindlehurst

Fails to Defend Labour MP's "saving play areas" Claim

Tristan Miles questioned (letters December 10) Labour MP Fiona MacTaggart's remarkable claims she had stopped Slough Council concreting over children's play grounds and she had obtained play ground funding.

Just like a pantomime dame, up pops Labour councillor James Swindlehurst defending Fiona. Was it the mention of concrete that attracted James or was he was the author of the words that bore Fiona's name ?

In a very long letter James fails to mention Fiona's claims. Why is James so shy at providing details of the play areas Fiona saved from concrete and the funds Fiona claims she obtained ?

Normally at the mention of 'concrete' James' face lights-up, his eyes sparkle with happiness and he seductively flutters his eye lashes. James simply adores cement mixers. He can be seen wandering around construction sites wearing a workman's hard hat and fluorescent jacket staring with delight as thick wet concrete sludge covers another patch of green grass. Whilst others may hug a friend or a dog or a cat, James' preference appears to be hugging cement mixers.

Many people are surprised at James's claim that covering the flat grassy Kennedy Park field with thick concrete is helping to create new play and recreational areas for Britwell & Northborough's children, teenagers and adults.

Why did James's letter omit Labour's plans to build houses and/or flats around the perimeter of the Monksfield Way play area before eventually moving the play area into the abandoned car park at the base of the mound on the other side of Long Furlong Drive and building on the rest of the Monksfield Way field ? Admittedly that is a long term aim because Labour know how deeply unpopular it will be.

James declares after 27 years of Labour rule Britwell's Kennedy Park is "not up to standard". Covering it with concrete is hardly going to improve it.

Throughout the borough at every destructive event James is somehow involved. He supported the chopping down of trees like the famous Tesco Cedar and the Cedar at the eastern end of the High Street and the covering of grass with concrete and tarmac, for instance Castle View and Upton Court Park.

It was Labour that closed down Baylis Park open air heated swimming pool with 3,000 lockers and a major summer attraction for children from miles around. It was also Labour has covered the park in Stratfield Road with concrete and built a block of flats. Now local children living on the east side of Tesco's aircraft hanger have only tarmac roads and the railway lines to play upon.

No one should mind if James and the Labour Party enjoy playing with cement mixers but not at our society's expense. Hands-off Slough's rapidly decreasing green spaces and children's play areas. We need something to pass-on to future generations of Slough people. Labour are swamping Slough with many thousands of more people yet closing down community facilities. Those suffering from compulsive cement-mixer disorder should get urgent medical attention before they cause more damage to our town.

A Happy Christmas to everyone.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.