Saturday, 15 December 2018
24 December 2010

Munkley's BILLD Group desperate for power

Will BILLD councillors defect to Labour ?

The letter in the Express on December 17th from Slough Liberal Councillor David Munkley (Haymill, BILLD Group Leader) threw no light on the inconsistencies between the two local councillors and their national party with regard to the "Coalition" cuts.

Instead he waffled on about Ted Plenty and his relationship with the Labour Party. Anybody who reads the Express regularly will already know of his allegiances and indeed mine. The reality is that the "BILLD" are really a bunch of opportunists who will embrace any cause that will give them a chance of sharing power.

As for his assertion that BILLD defectors have not wanted to join Labour, "We don't have such fickle or self-serving members and wouldn't accept any who were". Cllr Munkley is deluding himself. Serving BILLD councillors have been very keen to discuss with Labour the possibility of them defecting !

Trevor Allen