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24 December 2010

Opposition BILLD & Conservatives to unite ?

BILLD and Tories forced together by council chief executive Ruth Bagley

Cllr Munkley's letter (Liberal, Haymill, BILLD Group Leader) in the Observer of December 17th confirms to me what I anticipated - that the BILLD and the Tories should be considered for all intents and purposes as one.

I have been writing in the local press on and off for the last forty-five years as a Labour supporter, since my schooldays. I am pleased that Cllr Munkley has cottoned-on at last !

When I predicted the break-up of the Tory/BILLD opposition in the Observer of July 10th 2009, his response was "Nonsense !".

However by July 31st he was forced to admit it was true after comments made by BILLD Chairman Cllr MacIsaac in the Observer on July 24th let the cat out of the bag. At the time hollow terms such as "semi-formal joint opposition" and "less formalised spirit of cooperation" were being thrown about to describe their new relationship.!

My belief with Cllr Munkley is that whatever he says, be prepared to see the opposite happen. They are now forced together, he says by the Chief Executive of Slough Ruth Bagley. I suggest it is really out of necessity for them to survive.

As for Cllr Munkley's comments regarding the "Westminster masters" of the Slough Liberal Democrats, Cllr Robert Plimmer (Foxborough, Lib Dems) is still singing from the "Coalition" songbook (Observer, 17th December).

Why do the other Lib Dem and Liberal councillors not let us know where they stand on the policies of the "Coalition" ?

It matters not whether the Tories and BILLD have the guts to stand against each other or try to avoid losing face by forming a pact.

Labour as ever will be giving the electorate a choice and contesting all wards in Slough.

Incidentally he mentions Cllr Balwinder Dhillon's "dispute" with Slough Tories. I understood that it was the other way around. The Tories sacked Cllr Dhillon from their group for unspecified reasons, despite him being their benefactor and provider of office space.

Trevor Allen