Saturday, 15 December 2018
29 December 2010

Slough's Top Conservatives 46% Payrise

Tories "In Touch" with public's empty pockets

I am puzzled why leading local Conservatives are not fully backing their prime minister David Cameron.

Everyone knows about the dreadful financial mess created by the last Labour government.

New Labour's greatest achievement was wasting billions of pounds of public money on over-priced schemes and other jollies of very doubtful advantage to the public forced to pay the expensive bills. Anxious to repeat their virtually bankrupting of Slough Council in 2002-2003 Labour MPs supported by Fiona MacTaggart virtually bankrupted our country in 2009-2010. Did anyone hear Fiona shouting-out and condemning Labour's scandalous wasting of our public taxes?

The public never learn that Labour can not be trusted with the public's cash. Labour are addicted to spending other people's money usually on over-priced things no one really wants.

The financial consequences of Labour's wanton and frivolous spending spree now have to be paid-back by the public. Everyone has to share the terrible unfair burden. The prime minister cut his PM's salary but our aspiring Conservative parliamentary candidate for the 2015 general election, Lady Diana Coad, is in bed with Labour supporting and taking, together with her husband Cllr Peter Dale-Gough, a massive 46% increase in councillors allowances awarded by Slough Labour Party. This is not the kind of political co-operation the public expect or want.

In these times of economic shortages, personal hardships and ever higher prices can the Tories morally justify filling-up their pockets with cash belonging to the public? Can the Tories tell us how many local working class families have received a 46% rise in their take-home pay? Many residents have difficulty making ends meet.

Conservatives should genuinely be "In Touch" with the public. There is something wrong when the True Blues have decided to keep "in touch" with the public's cash. Never mind the public's almost empty pockets. How is the Tories lust for public cash helping Slough's citizens in these difficult economic times?

Conservative councillors awarding themselves a 46% pay rise is not the kind of selfish example we expect. Conservatives should be setting a good example to the public by rejecting their 46% pay rise and returning the cash back to the money's rightful owners, the public of Slough.

Mohammed Khan