Wednesday, 26 June 2019
5 January 2011

Sonia Jenkins, RIP

A Kind and Caring Local Councillor

Sonia Jenkins, RIP, was a remarkable local woman. Sonia is undoubtedly a person I shall always remember with great pleasure, lots of genuine admiration and much respect.

Sonia, a Foxborough ward councillor for 6 years, lived amongst the local people in the community she served. Sonia never had any illusions about the magnitude of the many problems facing her community many of which were caused by council failures and council neglect. Whatever the problem Sonia worked tirelessly to help local people. It will be very difficult to find a replacement with so much detailed local knowledge, so much determination, and so much personal commitment to supporting local residents.

Councillors, past and present, say Sonia was a very down-to-earth person passionate about improving the lives of her community.

One evening when I popped round to see Sonia she took me outside at 10:15 pm in the dark and drizzling rain to see and discus the latest problem affecting her community. Not many councillors cared that much but Sonia really did.

Sonia was a very dedicated lady of ability and charm. She will be greatly missed by the whole community and by her many friends who mourn, like me, for the tragic loss of a good friend who I am proud to have known and who I shall never forget.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party