Wednesday, 26 June 2019
18 January 2011

Welcome to the run-down Borough of Slough

Signs of Council neglect in Town Centre

Last week campaigner Tristan Miles lamented about the continuing decline of Slough's former Golden Mile, the borough's once famous and flourishing High Street shopping centre which attracted shoppers from miles around.

Slough Council wasted £8 million of public cash on unnecessary High Street alterations rubber-stamped by ex-councillor Dexter Smith (Cons., Colnbrook) and his cronies.

How many nice new attractive quality shops have opened in the High Street after Slough Council changed all the bricks on the pavements ?

Tristan Miles claimed Labour had closed the Brunel Bus Station car park.
Surely Tristan is mistaken ? is Slough Council really that incompetent ?

Slough Council's large road signs proudly invite motorists to park in the bus station car park despite it being a dangerous demolition site.

Is this deliberate mischief by Slough's Pot-Holes and Road-Bumps commissioner Cllr James Swindlehurst (Lab, Cippenham) who gets a generous £20,000 a year for his few hours a week council job ?

Is taking pride in Slough really too much hard-work for Cllr Swindlehurst or is wee James just incapable ?

Why has council chief executive Ruth Bagley, £187,000 a year, failed to notice the sign ? Perhaps if senior council staff lived and shopped in Slough they might notice more things.

My husband suggests Ruth Bagley and James Swindlehurst are waiting the arrival of another very expensive consultant to tell them what to do.

Amanda Fox