Friday, 14 December 2018
26 January 2011

Slough's MP Worries About Scotland & Wales

Should Fiona MacTaggart be doing more for Slough's people?

Our local Member of Parliament, Mrs Fiona MacTaggart, a multi-millionairess who derives her estimated £20+ million wealth from her Scottish estate, should be concentrating ALL her parliamentary efforts on the Slough constituency she represents. That is the reason people voted for her.

Mrs MacTaggart is paid about £67,000 plus expenses of about £120,000 for her part-time job as Slough's MP. Mrs MacTaggart represents the public who reside in our borough but not those in the wards of Colnbrook and Langley Foxborough who are represented in Parliament by the Windsor MP. A strange system invented by the last Labour government.

Please will some clever and intellectually enlightened person kindly explain why this week Mrs MacTaggart is using parliamentary time and public resources to demand from the Secretary of State for Scotland:

* how many (a) women and (b) men have been appointed to public duties by his Department since May 2010.

Mrs MacTaggart also asked the Secretary of State for Wales:

* (1) how many (a) women and (b) men have been appointed to public duties by her Department since May 2010; (2) what public appointments she has made since her appointment; and to what payments each person so appointed is entitled.

Surely the many serious problems affecting SLOUGH including lack of police on the streets, the joblessness, Labour's abolishing of university education in Slough, the street prostitution epidemic, the rising drug-taking and increasing robberies by addicts to pay for their illegal drugs should be of much more concern and the top priority for Slough's MP ?

If Mrs MacTaggart wants to involve herself in Welsh or Scottish affairs she should resign as Slough's MP and let a better person more dedicated to our town's best interests take over.

Slough should always be the top priority for Slough's MP regardless of politics and especially when the public of Slough are paying Mrs MacTaggart's wages.

Paul Janik.
The Slough Party.