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1 February 2011

Public Services Forced to Pay Commercial Taxes

Public Services are not profit-making businesses

Labour plans to knock-down the new parts, built in the 1980's, of Slough Town Hall later this month. Labour claims it will save £770,000 in business rate taxes paid to central government but Labour's figures are not true.

The rateable value of the Town Hall site is £565,000. The multiplier used to calculate business rates is 0.414. This means the entire Town Hall site, including the historic 1936 building, the 1980's extension and the car park costs an annual total of £233,910 in property taxes.

In the current financial year, 2010-2011, Labour's commercial property tax has forced Thames Valley Police to pay a tax of £62,928 for their Windsor Road headquarters and an extra commercial property tax of £1,179.90 for a vital radio aerial also in Windsor Road.

Wexham Park Hospital paid a massive £654,120 annual property tax plus another £15,111 for the College of Nursing premises. Slough Fire Station paid £23,391 and Langley Fire Station paid £25,875.

The Slough Party thinks it is disgusting that any government should take badly needed public money away from providing essential services and use it to pay a commercial property tax. We believe no public building ranging from Town Hall, Police Station, NHS hospital or Fire Station should ever have to pay commercial property taxes because these buildings are certainly not used by a commercial profit-making business.

We demand a scrapping of Labour's immoral commercial property tax on all public service buildings - NHS, council, police and fire service. You know it makes sense.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party