Wednesday, 26 June 2019
15 February 2011

What is happening to Langley?

Is Labour's Overcrowding of Slough making our Town a dump ?

Having moved away some months ago, I still keep abreast of the local Slough news via on-line editions of the local newspapers.

I was horrified to read only this year a shocking catalogue of events, These included the following:-

1) An armed bank robbery in Langley at the Lloyds branch in Langley High Street.

2) A knife raid at the petrol station in Parlaunt Road

3) A knife raid at the Colnbrook Post Office

4) A blind man being relieved of his musical instruments by callous thieves whilst walking home from church.

Where I now live there is virtually no crime. If I were still living in the Langley area, these events would probably not shock or sadden me as you get used to these things.

Whether is it down to people with no jobs, those with no hope in their lives, drug addicts or other reasons, I can only hope that the local authorities will take actions to ensure such events are not repeated.

Yours sincerely

A Slough Party supporter.