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21 February 2011

How to Wast Public Money

Hard up? Don't worry Labour can make you poorer

Labour plans to knock-down the new parts, built in the 1980's, of Slough Town Hall starting this month and continuing to May. Labour claims it will save £770,000 in business rate taxes paid to central government but Labour, who virtually bankrupted the council in 2002-2003, are not very good at maths especially when spending the public's money. Their £770,000 saving is bogus.

Please will someone lend Cllrs Rob Anderson and James Swindlehurst a calculator plus the instructions on how they should use it.

The rateable value of the Town Hall site is £565,000. The multiplier used to calculate business rates is 0.414. This means the entire Town Hall site, including the historic 1936 building, the 1980's extension and the car park costs an annual total of £233,910 in property taxes.

The luxury 5 star office block at 51 Bath Road, St Martin's Place, occupied by chief executive Ruth Bagley, her team of 5 directors, 16 assistant directors and many supporting staff paid over £100,000 a year, is even more expensive costing £302,220 in property taxes every year.

Labour are renting Airways House in Langley Road, annual property tax £46,782 plus rent, service costs and running costs of about £100,000 or more.

Once upon a time all the council staff fitted into the Town Hall. Using the Town Hall will save, annually, at least £115,092 in property tax plus large amounts spent on other sites in rent, service charges and running costs. It could save over £1 million every year. Selling-off Labour's luxury office block, St Martin's Place, could give the council a £30 million windfall and avoid the need to sack junior council staff and reduce services. Labour just do not have a clue how to manage the borough's finances.

Labour's latest epidemic of consultants including two doing one person's work (£2,200 per day) and a £126,000 a year new member of staff doing work that someone on £30,000 could easily do. Labour run Slough Borough Council has become a paradise for those keen to cut public services, sack junior council staff and spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on consultants.

The My Council operation at Landmark Place costs £94,392 per year in property taxes on top of the £587,400 rent and service charges, excluding the 2010 rent increase. Council Tax payers are paying £700,000 a year plus running costs for the My Council premises. Slough Borough Council rents empty space at Landmark Place it is not using and has never used. Funny Labour never published this in their Slough Citizen propaganda newspaper.

People in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and elsewhere are demanding democratic accountability. When we we get it in Slough ?

Paul Janik
The Slough Party


    Business Rate 2010-2011 multiplier = 0.414

    Check business rate by entering the postcode

    Slough Borough Council town hall site = SL1 3UQ

    Slough Borough Council 51 Bath Road, St Martin's Place = SL1 3UG