Saturday, 15 December 2018
27 February 2011

Bring Back the Postman's Bike

Is a bike really the answer to Slough Council's ban on Royal Mail vans emptying High Street pillerbox ?

The letter from Robert Smith of Blackpond Lane exposes the unimaginative outlook of Royal Mail Management in Slough and their lack of customer service focus.

Why is it necessary to send a van to collect mail from the Marks & Spencer post box in Slough Hight Street, when in the mornings mail is delivered to High Street addresses in a hand cart ?

All of the boxes from the other end of the High Street where the sorting office is situated, could be collected without use of a motor vehicle, If they did not want to use a hand cart the once familiar postie's bicycle could be another alternative.

I trust the ban on Royal Mail vans will remain, I am sure that others could equally find a reason why they should be exempt from the entry and parking restrictions.

Trevor Allen