Wednesday, 26 June 2019
2 March 2011

Council Boss replaces Staff with Consultants

Public question chief executive Ruth Bagley's latest 'spending spree'

A recently council leak by a very unhappy member of staff revealed Slough Council is spending £200,000 per year on one consultant, £160,000 a year on another and paying a third consultant £1,500 per day.

Then there is the full-timer from Manchester recruited on a salary of £126,000 a year, doing work a person on £30,000 could do. Amazingly this person was appointed without a job description, without a job specification and without the job being advertised - thus no local person has a chance of applying so a local person might apply.

Council chief executive Ruth Bagley is on a salary package of £185,000 a year - paid more than the prime minister!

Sacking junior council staff has saved £400,000 in one department but then the council is spending nearly £500,000 on consultants in the same department. How can this astonishing policy be justified?

These are the instances we know about. How many others are being kept secret from the public?

Is Slough Council genuinely short of money - apparently not. That is why Labour have not increased the council tax this year.

The Slough Party has twice asked council chief executive Ruth Bagley and twice asked Julie Evans council Finance & Resources director also for a statement about these highly paid £200,000 a year consultants. Both ladies have chosen not to respond.

Parts of the Arab world have revolted demanding democracy and public accountability. Shamefully not one member of council staff is accountable to the public who pay their wages.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.