Friday, 14 December 2018
9 March 2011

Filling-in Census Gives Council A Cash Bonus

Can Slough Borough Council be trusted with your money ?

Residents of Slough should be aware that for every person mentioned on the 2011 Census form, Labour run Slough Borough Council gets, according to Cllr Fiza Matloob, a bonus of £650 to spend or waste as the council chooses.

Council chief executive Ruth Bagley, on a salary package of £185,000 a year, has spent £269,270.94 creating a director's office within an open plan office. Staff say it is unnecessary and an extravagant waste of public funds.

Ms Bagley, known for her frantic haste to depart what she regarded as the ghastly and horrible Town Hall for the luxurious splendour of the council owned 5 star office block on the corner of Montem Lane (St Martin's Place), has approved the employment of consultants on £200,000 and £160,000 a year and another on £1,500 a day (£390,000 in a full year) whilst sacking, or about to sack, many low paid junior staff who live in Slough.

Residents may wish to re-consider whether filling-in a Census form is really and truly in their best interests especially as they will have no control over how Slough Council spends or wastes the money.

Amanda Fox
Slough Party