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9 March 2011

Slough's Council Tax is Higher than Windsor's

Should Slough Abolish All Parish Taxes ?

We always thought that Windsor was a richer place than Slough and that Ascot was wealthier than deprived Britwell. Apparently not it seems.

Labour's brains Cllr Rob Anderson and Cllr James Swindlehurst have again, same as in previous years, made Slough's Band D council tax £129.08 higher that Band D in Windsor.

Anxious not be be outdone by Labour, Cllr Pat Shine and his IBR followers have again, same as last year, made Britwell's Band D parish tax three times the Band D parish tax in very rich Ascot. This is mad. Other areas in Slough have no parish tax at all.

Cllr Pat Shine is standing in this year's local elections. I hope Britwell voters remember Pat Shine is the man responsible for the very highest parish tax in the whole of Slough last year and this year. Britwell parish tax 3 times the parish tax in Royal Ascot is a disgusting rip-off.

Check the figures yourselves at www.slough.info/tax

Babs Smith

3 of Slough's 14 wards have a Parish Council. They are the entire ward of Colnbrook, about 60% of Wexham ward and about 60% of Britwell ward.

All three Parish Councils do not deliver public services yet they impose an extra parish tax burden on the public living within the parish council's boundary.