Wednesday, 26 June 2019
15 March 2011

Good Bye to Excellent Council Staff

Labour replaces low-paid council workers with expensive consultants

Loony Labour bankrupted the country by deliberately and/or carelessly wasting billions of pounds of public cash. The Labour government were copying the mistakes made in Slough when in 2002-2003 Labour run Slough Council was virtual bankrupt. The chief councillor at the time was Cllr Rob Anderson. The elderly and young children were the main victims of Labour's incompetence.

This year Slough's loony Labour are sacking council staff because they claim they must save several millions. Naturally Labour are keen to blame everyone for the mess except themselves.

But is Slough Borough Council really short of money or is this another of many examples of a rich Labour council totally out of control?

The council spends £400,000,000 a year. Just where is all the public cash going? Please don't forget Labour's 46% pay rise. Part-time Cllr Rob Anderson gets £26,000 a year plus expenses - more than many full-time council staff.

Despite having no money, Slough Council has been on a mad spending spree. The sky's the limit so it seems. Recent lavish expenditure includes £250,000 on building an office within an open plan office at 51 Bath Road, St Martin's Place; £225,000 on resurfacing Salt Hill tennis courts; £520,000 making Long Readings Lane narrower; £200,000 a year on one consultant; £160,000 a year on another consultant and a £1,500 a day consultant which works out at £390,000 a year.

The High Street bollards, 22 accidents up to 2 March, cost £50,000 plus £7,000 annual maintenance and £30,000 for three number plate reading cameras. Did we really need to spend £90,000 when a traffic warden could have done the job for no extra cost ?

There are many other examples of senseless spending of money the council claims it does not have.

Then there is the chief executive's salary package of £186,000 a year - more than the prime minister gets - and a very top heavy council management costing millions every year. With so many council managers Slough do not need a full-time council chief executive. Someone on £70,000 could do the job.

What really does annoy me is loony Labour are sacking genuinely good low paid council staff and wasting the savings on very questionable expenditure which is definitely neither essential nor actually needed.

I would like to publicly thank all the council staff being sacked this month and in May. During the last 8 years I have been greatly impressed by their consistent professionalism, their consistent high calibre work, their impressive abilities and their genuine desire and commitment to serving the people of Slough. We should be keeping and treasuring good staff - not sacking them.

These lower paid council staff are splendid people, often living inside the borough unlike the council's bloated fat cats. These staff are the best assets the council has yet loony Labour are cruelly thanking them with a place at the end of a long dole queue.

Meanwhile top staff, favoured by Labour so it seems, are given free pension contributions of £180,000 and £240,000 paid by the public of Slough. These are only the ones we know about.

Good bye and thank you to the council staff loosing their jobs. Its been great knowing you and I do wish you well for the future. I would prefer the fat cats and rich consultants to be sacked instead.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.