Sunday, 15 September 2019
15 March 2011

Blue or Red - The Choice Is Rather Dead

Little practical difference between Slough's Conservatives & Labour

Are Slough's weak and ineffective Conservatives any better than Slough's hard Labour?

Haymill councillor and recent Tory convert Anna Wright shot to fame last June with her letter in the local papers proclaiming the Conservatives thought the sky was blue and Labour thought the sky was red. Obviously Anna has never seen a cloudy day with grey skies. Anna left many feeling confused and wondering how that helped the people of Haymill. Still trying to impress the voters Anna later wrote a new letter thanking Labour for making a set of traffic lights stay green for 3 extra seconds.

Derek 'the dice' Cryer is contesting Upton for the Conservatives. When last in power Derek presided over the council giving 777 staff a free bonus holiday paid by local council tax payers. Before voting for Derek voters should ask him if he will pay with his own money next time.

Dithering Dexter from Colnbrook is another Conservative candidate this year. Ex-Cllr Dexter Smith, who moved home to Wellsley Road last year, according to the letter he sent on Conservative notepaper to Pakistan, is responsible for the dreadful and dangerous Northern Road zig-zag chicanes scheme. Will a vote for Dexter give Slough more expensive highways nightmares which cost over £100,000 of council tax payers money to put right?

Not much of a choice between Labour and Conservatives this year. Both are expensive disasters waiting to happen.

Amanda Fox
Slough Party.