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4 April 2011

Are Labour's Olympics bad for Slough ?

3,000 cars preventing public use of Upton Court Park

Is there any end to the conveyor belt of failed Labour politicians visiting Slough ?

While I can understand Alan Johnson's interest in the town (as a former resident), I cannot imagine whatever possessed Slough Labour Party to invite the former Olympics Minister, Tessa Jowell, to Slough. In my view, she is thoroughly discredited and incompetent.

Lest we forget, the whole Olympics saga is an unmitigated Labour disaster. In my view, Tony Blair showed incompetence and stupidity by thinking that hosting the Olympics would cost £1.8 billion when he already knew that the Chinese had spent £30 billion.

He then appointed Tessa Jowell to mismanage the scheme. Jowell was clearly totally unfit to be managing such vast sums of public money. Readers may also wish to recall the case involving Jowell's husband's alleged relationship with Tony Blair's friend, Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, details of which can still be widely read on the Internet.

Jowell now expresses regret that the UK ever bid for the Olympics. On this Tessa Jowell and I agree; to host this competition which we can ill afford and which is just an opportunity for drug taking and cheating is simply ridiculous. It is resulting in money being syphoned away from grass roots sport and other good causes in deprived communities, as its cost spirals to an eye watering £11.3 billion. The regeneration argument is also total rubbish, as one can regenerate a deprived area without hosting the Olympics.

The Olympics is politics at its worst -- politicians addicted to self aggrandisement and ribbon cutting on an enormous scale. If he is still in charge, no doubt council leader, Rob Anderson, will seek his place of privilege amongst the Olympic elite. His appearance at Slough's Christmas extravaganza proudly sporting a "VIP" badge shows us that his allegiances are to himself rather than the public.

Readers should note that the council is still thought to be using Upton Park for 3,000 car parking spaces for the Olympics rowing site. What a disaster for Upton and Datchet residents and another betrayal of the council's role as custodian of this valuable sanctuary of green open space.

Sadly, the council has offered no assurances that the land will be returned to open space after the car parking has ceased.

Tristan Miles