Friday, 14 December 2018
13 May 2011

Labour's Run-down Slough

An everyday story of Slough Council's neglect and incompetence

Mr Earl, of a run-down and neglected Britwell street, wrote last week (Slough Observer, 13 May 2011) claiming he was first aware of a Conservative candidate only at the polling station.

I remember putting my leaflets, which named the Conservative candidate, through Mr Earl's letterbox. The Conservative candidate delivered at least 2 leaflets to Britwell households.

Would Mr Earl like to tell readers why he appears to have done nothing about the tree roots a few doors away from his home pushing-up and splitting the tarmac on the footpath or about the dreadful potholes in his own road and in adjoining roads. I noticed these dangerous things and responsibly alerted the council.

Mr Earl boasts he voted Labour, the same Labour that runs Slough Council which neglected the potholes and damaged footpath in his own road. Fancy voting for a stranger who does not live in the ward and has less daily awareness of ward issues. Fancy voting for a political party that continues to neglect Britwell and waste council tax payers' money.

The primary task of a Slough councillor is to hold the executive to account and to devise policies benefiting our town. In Slough executive power is concentrated in just 8 of Slough's 41 councillors leaving the remaining 33 politically impotent and unable to adequately represent the interests of the public. Local government in Slough is certainly neither democratic nor fit for purpose.

Long term policies and some important decisions are made by Labour people, some unelected and in secret, then officially endorsed by Labour's obedient puppet councillors. Some are made by unaccountable over-paid council staff whose performance is often lamentable.

A councillor's primary task is not to sort-out residents' council problems. Those problems arise only when Slough Council has initially failed to provide a satisfactory service to the public. Councillors should be asking, but do not, why the council continues to fail so many local residents or treat its customers so harshly and uncaringly.

Those yellow potholes, marked to prevent accidents occurring, were not done in election week. They were done before but Labour-run Slough Council is unable to repair dangerous potholes after wasting over £520,000 on totally unnecessary vanity alterations to Long Readings Lane.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.