Wednesday, 26 June 2019
25 May 2011

Heart of Slough : Labour's Secret Plans for Slough

The public kept in the dark about detrimental changes to Slough

Labour's Heart of Slough project, currently causing massive town centre disruption, is intended to create extra space for an epidemic of high-rise flats to house a flood of 10,000 to 12,000 low income people currently living in central London or flooding into the country.

After this, Labour's next plan is to demolish shops in our run-down High Street to create more blocks of high-rise flats. At the same time, the new town centre and shopping centre will start to be built on the Trading Estate stretching from the Bath Road, northwards along both sides of Leigh Road, over the railway bridge and ending up in Liverpool Road and Buckingham Avenue. Last year Labour gave Slough Estates 30 years virtually unrestricted planning permission for this massive development.

As soon as the new High Street on the Trading Estate becomes profitable, which will decimate our existing High Street and the nearby Farnham Road shopping area, Slough Estates will sell-off large chunks to private investors and continue their planned withdrawal from Slough.

Last year Labour gave planning permission for 1,600 high-rise flats to be built on the Thames Valley University site. Labour hate education because it encourages people to ask probing questions about matters our Labour bosses prefer to keep secret. Labour's policy for many years was selecting not very literate councillors because they are so obedient and unquestioningly accept their political masters' instructions.

Everyone knows our town is full-up and that Labour is building on every green space it can grab. With tens of thousands of more people living in over-populated and over-crowded Slough including garden sheds and garages, Labour, especially our Labour MP multi-millionairess Fiona MacTaggart, the second richest MP in the House of Commons, seem obsessed with squashing more tens of thousands of extra people into Slough, the most overcrowded town in the whole country.

To encourage a deluge of immigrants into Slough, Labour created the Slough Immigration Aid Unit operating from the Labour Party office building at 29 Church Street. It shines like a welcoming beacon for every new arrival from abroad. Come and get benefits galore and a council house. Labour councillors changed the housing waiting list conditions to allow thousands of foreign immigrants to jump the housing queue and deprive established Slough residents of their rightful entitlement to social housing.

The Slough Immigration Aid Unit is run by Labour Party supporters including the former Labour Leader of Slough Borough Council and assisted by Fiona MacTaggart's long-term personal assistant.

Should Slough voters, unable to read, write or speak English be allowed to vote in local elections ? Their alarming lack of English fluency makes them easy targets for Labour. Free and fair elections? Never in Slough I think.

Paul Janik.
The Slough Party.