Wednesday, 26 June 2019
28 May 2011

Labour-run Slough Council Fails to Collect Money

Labour's slip-shod financial management loses £1.4 million

I see that Slough Council is again pulling the wool over the public's eyes about how it has successfully helped a new developer start work on the unfinished flats behind Slough Station by reducing the £6.4 million that was owed to the council to £5 million.

Readers will recall that these flats have now been a constant eyesore for a considerable period of time since the original developer went bust.

While I am very pleased that these flats are finally to be completed, and would agree that reducing the size of the council's demand may well have been the best way to get the scheme restarted, I wonder why Slough council failed to collect the money from the original developer before it went bust?

Surely good practice would be for the council to have collected the money when building work first started, particularly at a time of failing businesses and falling house prices?

Is accountant Rob Anderson up to the job of running Slough council? With financial management like this, it's no wonder Labour virtually bankrupted the council in 2002-2003. The latest debacle is not a success, no matter what positive spin Labour's James Swindlehurst tries to put on it.

Tristan Miles

The Slough Times would like to know what the £6.4 million is for.  Is it for land? Is it for building permission?  We are asking Slough Borough Council to tell the public what has been going on in complete secrecy.

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