Wednesday, 26 June 2019
17 July 2011

Slough Council's planning enforcement

Is Labour-run planning enforcement more political than impartial ?

Last Monday at 6.45pm, I received a knock on the door and was given legal papers by a Slough Borough Council representative threatening prosecution unless an 'illegal' banner that I had put up on the side of my property some two and a half years ago was removed within 72 hours. The SBC representative said that the council had a received a complaint about the banner that very same day.

Having dutifully removed the banner, I have reflected how strange it is that I have been singled out with a threat of immediate legal action, while the estimated 2000 illegal sheds built without planning consent and being rented out as housing accommodation are being dealt with in a very tardy fashion, if at all. Some sheds have even gained planning by default as the council only has four years in which to take action, after which the illegal planning breach will have planning consent by default. Furthermore, a planning breach that I reported to the council last November has been ignored.

I invite Cllr. James Swindlehurst (Deputy Leader of Labour controlled Slough Council) to give me an explanation of the disproportionately fast action taken against me when compared to these other matters. However, after writing to Cllr. Swindlehurst on another matter last July, last November and this February and having received no response whatsoever, I am not holding my breath on this occasion.

Tristan Miles