Saturday, 15 December 2018
18 July 2011

14,000 Extra People Endangers Public Safety

Why is Slough's MP Fiona MacTaggart so conspicuously inactive ?

In shoddy, shabby and neglected Slough where our less than impressive council is unwilling to sweep some streets for several years - the Labour Party describe this council policy as "Proud to be Slough" - surely the physical safety of residents must be of primary importance ?

Labour's Heart of Slough scheme is designed to squash-up everything to make room for high-rise flats to accommodate between 10,000 and 14,000 extra people from outside Slough.

Already Thames Valley Police (TVP) has developed into a largely emergency-only service with officers patrolling local neighbourhoods in cars. There are far too few neighbourhood police on foot or on bicycles. Neighbourhood police are regularly taken away for non-neighbourhood duties - effectively cheating the public who pay an annual police tax as part of their council tax.

Labour's extra 14,000 people will overload the insufficient police putting ordinary citizens' safety at risk. TVP simply cannot cope with this deluge of extra people into Slough - neither can the NHS particularly local GPs surgeries, dentists and Wexham Park Hospital.

When Labour closed the Accidents & Emergencies department at High Wycombe hospital (Wycombe General), large numbers of their A&E patents flooded Wexham Park. Now with the imminent closure announcement of Heatherwood Hospital, Wexham Park's facilities will become so overloaded that local people will suffer.

The same is about to happen when Windsor Fire Station is closed at nights. Emergencies in Windsor will have to be tackled by removing fire crews and their fire engines from Slough and Langley leaving local people very vulnerable.

What is our local MP, multi-millionairess Fiona MacTaggart (the second richest person in the House of Commons) doing to protect the safety of the public ?

If Fiona paused her women-only campaigns, which seem to suggest men are the root of all of society's evil, and instead concentrated on protecting the well-being of all her Slough constituents, she would be campaigning to keep open Heatherwood, re-open Wycombe General hospital's A&E and stop the closure of Windsor Fire Station.

Sadly for Slough we lack a MP genuinely willing to campaign all-out for the best interests of Slough. If we did, the newspapers and TV would be covering it. Despite a national skills shortage, high youth unemployment and many hundreds of local youngsters wanting to get a university education, Fiona did nothing to keep open Thames Valley University's Slough campus for our 160,000 plus population.

Instead of Slough's interests Fiona's personal interests take precedent.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.