Wednesday, 26 June 2019
26 July 2011

Slough Council Neglects Important Monument

Does Chief Executive Ruth Bagley Really Care About Slough ?

Down in Montem Lane, at the luxury 5-star offices of Slough Borough Council where over a million pounds has been spent making staff even more comfortable in already enviable splendour, chief executive Ruth Bagley has, for the last 4 years, gazed out of her office windows at Slough's historic Montem Mound directly across the road.

Standing next to the mound, we are shocked to see the absolutely dreadful condition of the illegible notice, erected by Slough Council many years ago when standards really did matter, explaining the local significance of the Mound where Eton College boys annually 'beat the bounds'. The commemoration stone next to the sign is encrusted with mosses and grime demonstrating persistent council indifference and routine neglect.

Once again Slough Borough Council's "Proud to be Slough" campaign has proved to be nothing more than a pitiful excuse by Labour councillors to hoodwink the public whilst wasting the public's cash on unnecessary banners and insincere publicity.

How can any of Slough's 41 councillors and Mrs Bagley, on a salary package of £186,000 a year, not notice for 4 years what is happening on the council's own doorstep ? Perhaps Cllr Rob Anderson, paid £26,000 a year for a few hours a week part-time councillors job, should return the public's money.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.