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2 August 2011

Blandford Road North, Langley

Langley Lady Needs Your Help

I am researching the last 100 years or so of the history of Blandford Road in Langley where I live.

Have you any memories, photographs or documents relating to the Blandford Road you can share with me ? Or did you perhaps travel along the road or work in the road in any capacity ?

Blandford Road was originally a public highway linking Langley Road, opposite Middle Green Road, to what is now Trelawney Avenue. Maps from 1924 and 1932 show it. However, perhaps due to Second World War bomb damage or other reasons, the council allowed the northern part to fall into disrepair.

When the London County Council (LCC) started in the 1950's to build the Trelawney Avenue estate, they constructed a new road on the site of the existing Blandford Road but stopped at the boundary of the land they owned. This effectively cut-off the new LCC part of Blandford Road from the original northern part of the same road. A gap was left between the last house at the southern end of original Blandford Road and the LCC's brand new Blandford Road.

Today, Slough Council's maps show three Blandford Roads: Blandford Road North (the original road), Blandford Road South and Blandford Road (the last two are on the Trelawney Avenue estate).

Blandford Road North is now a vehicular cul-de-sac and a busy footpath and cycle track. It is closed to cars at the south end where it joins the LCC's Blandford Road South.

All information about the old Blandford Road will be very gratefully appreciated. Please email mirella@xxxxxxukletters.co.uk or telephone me on 01753-257 555.

Thank you very much.

Mirella Young