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3 August 2011

Labour's Senseless Destruction Continues

Secret decisions benefit rich developers and ubiquitous council consultants

Destruction ordered by Labour, Slough town centre, Tuesday 2 August 2011

Tearing down parts of Slough treasured and appreciated by many who have made Slough their home is now accelerating.

How can this senseless destruction of Slough be remotely "democratic" ?

Who asked the public what the public wanted ? The answer is "no one" because the public are always presented with decisions made in secret by Slough's Labour Party and top council officials. Subsequently public meetings are held to fool the public but those meetings only confirm the decisions previously made at the secret meetings. The public are powerless to stop Labour's senseless destructions.

The decisions to bulldozer our town and tear it apart thus enabling rich properly developers and speculators to make millions of pounds profit, is taken by anonymous people who are unknown to over 95% of Slough's residents. Is that really "public accountability" ?

Do we, the people currently living in Slough, really want the borough's population increased from the current 160,000 by yet another 30,000 to 40,000 new people ? I do not. Slough is already full-up.

Surprisingly Labour is complaining Chalvey Roads are overloaded with traffic, a situation which will get many times worse when Labour begin their hundreds of millions of pounds Chalvey redevelopment and expansion project centred around the land currently owned by Scottish & Southern Energy. Just where will the cars and lorries go then ?

Now, at the last minute, one of Slough's last High Street parades, the west side of Mackenzie Street, is facing demolition so the cranes have a place to stand whilst constructing the hideously ugly Leaning Curve.

Labour proudly put a picture of the same parade, which includes Hunt & Nash estate agents who have occupied their shop for more than 50 years, on the Proud to be Slough web site. That was the kiss of death for this parade. Now it will be torn down as part of Labour's rampant spending spree addiction.

70% or more of the population never vote in local elections. It must be because they realise no one at the council ever truly listens to the public who pays the council's extravagant bills.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.