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8 August 2011

Will Public Grumble Prod Council Into Action ?

'Scruffiness R Us' seems to be Slough Council's latest slogan

Cllr. James Walsh (Labour, Colnrook) may deride me as a grumbler but his letter of last week (published in the printed newspapers) did nothing to address my points from the previous week. My letter was actually addressed to Cllr. James Swindlehurst (Labour, Cippenham Green), although it would appear that he is once again too busy bulldozing our town centre to respond.

Most tellingly, he said nothing as to why the council has taken immediate legal action against me, yet it has turned a blind eye to other planning breaches throughout the borough for years and years, most notably the 'sheds with beds', which has permanently blighted the town and turned parts of it into a ghetto.

However, if Cllr. Walsh is actually serious about cracking down on banners and the like, he should note that his council is actually the worst offender of all with a shocking record of cluttering up the borough with unnecessary and meaningless rubbish, most notably the ludicrous "Proud to be Slough" banners with sideways writing, legible only to drunks collapsed on the pavement as well as the the pointless "Welcome to Slough" banners, which now look very tatty indeed.

The "Heart of Slough is beating" banners are a further example of council street clutter and a total misdescription given that there is absolutely no chance of the residential or office parts of the scheme being constructed for the foreseeable future. For Cllr. Walsh to state that the town is 'on the up' when the bus station and university sites are to remain piles of rubble and the High Street is full of empty shops is totally outrageous.

I also invite Cllr. Walsh to instigate a clean up of the Windsor Road, which is a shocking disgrace for which Slough Borough Council is mainly responsible. Most of the empty properties there are owned by Slough Borough Council and the council has compounded the situation with its white painted wooden hoardings, which are becoming covered in bill postings.

If Cllr. Walsh and his cronies were running the council properly, there would be no need for me to moan.

Tristan Miles