Wednesday, 26 June 2019
10 August 2011

Fire Station Closure Endangers Public Safety

Removing Windsor Fire Protection at Night is a Reckless and Foolish Policy

Ted Plenty, too embarrassed to publicly admit he has been a Labour councillor for several months, in a newspaper last week justified the night-time closure of Windsor Fire Station.

Cllr Plenty failed to grasp the fact that if Windsor closes, Slough's firemen will have to do two jobs at night - looking after Slough homes and business and, at the same time, doing exactly the same in Windsor. An impossible task because Slough firemen can not be in two places at the same time.

If the London riots had spread to Slough and Windsor, Windsor town centre would have burnt down because Slough's firemen were too busy fighting fires in Slough.

There are no plans to close Maidenhead fire station at night, so why pick on Windsor ?

To charge Windsor people a full rate fire tax, paid through their council tax, for a part-time fire service that stops at night is irresponsible. Fires also occur at night. Shutting Windsor will overload Slough and may deprive Slough of proper fire cover despite Slough residents paying a full-rate fire tax.

Now a Slough councillor, Cllr Plenty should fight to prevent Slough's fire cover being diluted by having to cover Windsor at the same time with no extra resources. It is just not right and very unsafe for the families of Slough and Windsor.

Labour got us in this financial mess and, as usually, the public are having to pay for Labour's mismanagement of our economy.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.