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20 August 2011

Authorities Ignoring Hospital Parking Shortage

Deliberately Ignoring Wexham Park's Parking Problems for Many Years

I wrote in the local press last week of the failure of the "WP1 Saver Bus" from Slough Railway Station to Wexham Park Hospital in reducing the staff parking issues outside of the hospital grounds on grass verges.

I have no issues with staff having a bus service. The problem apart from its frequency, is its route along a congested "B" road and narrow rural lanes when dual carriage "A" roads in Wellington Street and Uxbridge Road are available for use.

What I did not comment on was the disinterest at Buckinghamshire County Council and South Bucks District Council in solving the parking on what were once grass verges.

The grass verge outside Wexham Park Hospital

The Berks/Bucks border runs down the middle of Wexham Road at its junction with Wexham Street (the roundabout). Slough Borough Council (Unitary authority) by arrangement with Buckinghamshire County Council maintains the road on both sides of the border. The authority responsible for parking regulation is South Bucks.

Unfortunately, unlike the other district councils in Buckinghamshire South Bucks have not "decriminalised" parking enforcement. This simply means it remains down to Thames Valley Police to enforce parking defaulters (as if the police do not have sufficient work to do to protect us all !).

What it really comes down to is that South Bucks do not want to know about, what they see as added cost to them.

This might be understandable if Slough had not already offered to enforce parking restrictions for them, to avoid extra cost to South Bucks and had offered the know-how to effect the changes in law !

I personally involved myself with the destruction of the verges and the eyesore of parked cars early in 2010. I met with the Bucks Transport Localities Team Leader for Bucks County Council on site outside Wexham Post Office to view the carnage, he said to me then "that things were liable to get worse before they got better as a result of developments at the hospital". He also said that the verges could have posts put in, but the upkeep would be an issue (?).

Interestingly, the owners of the livery stable have laid tree trunks down to keep the access to their property and Stoke Green Cricket club have had concrete "buckets" down for a very long time. Interestingly Black Park (Bucks) have maintained their verges from cars by the use of felled trees, pinned in place, very attractive and in keeping with the environment......and also free of charge !

The Hospital Trust, Bucks and South Bucks Councils need to work together with Slough Council to sort out the mess they have visited on the area. Perhaps Dominic Grieve could intervene and do more, after all he is the MP for the area and Attorney General.

Trevor Allen

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