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21 September 2011

Councillors Denied Serious Government Letter

Ministerial Letter Critical of Slough Council's Failing Children's Service

Three months have elapsed since OFSTED delivered its highly critical report into serious failings with Slough Council's children's services.

Paragraph 11

The overall effectiveness of safeguarding services is inadequate.

Statutory requirements are not met.

The inspection found significant failings in the contribution made by Slough Borough Council Children's Service to child protection work, particularly with regards to children who had already been identified as suffering, or at risk of suffering significant harm and are the subject of child protection plans.

Paragraph 3

Adequate (Grade 3) = A service that only meets minimum requirements.

Inadequate (Grade 4) = A service that does not meet minimum requirements.

The Secretary of State was so worried that he appointed a government inspector as Director of Children's Improvements and announced the council would be closely monitored for 18 months.

Why did council chief executive Ruth Bagley, Children's Services Director Clair Pyper, chief councillor Cllr Rob Anderson (Lab, Farnham) and his Executive Councillor for Children Natasha Pantelic (Lab, Baylis) wait 3 months before showing the Secretary of State's letter to other councillors ? Were they too embarrassed or ashamed ?

The OFSTED report declared in very polite language that the council had failed to obey the law in some instances and in other matters had only managed to achieve the lowest possible pass mark.

Director Clair Pyper and Children's Executive Cllr Pantelic failed to notice what was going on, despite both being paid public money to do a first class job for the children of Slough. It is unacceptable such damning failures are rewarded by both keeping their jobs. Blaming everyone else is unfair.

I urge Mrs Pyper and Cllr Pantelic to publicly apologise to everyone in Slough then immediately resign. My borough deserves more capable and alert individuals. This latest council scandal is irreconcilable with the council's 'Proud to be Slough' campaign.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.