Friday, 14 December 2018
28 September 2011

Are Labour Wrecking our Country & our Town ?

Labour Transforming Town Centre into Tiny Flats for Poor People

Labour wasted billions and billions of pounds of tax revenue and left the country's finances in an almost bankrupt condition. They also sold-off the country's gold at a knock-down price. This mess has caused the massive cuts.

This week instead of saying sorry, Labour Party leaders decided to penalise jobless families needing council accommodation. I urge Labour run Slough Council not to deny council homes to deserving local families just because the husband's firm has closed down and the husband is now without work. Putting families on the streets because the breadwinner is jobless is fundamentally wrong.

Labour wanted Thames Valley University's Slough campus for a massive complex of 1,600 small flats (Labour call it 'HDH' which means High Density Housing). Constant pressure from Slough Council over many years made TVU abandon its Slough campus. It deprived thousands of local youngsters of a university education in their home town. It denied many hundreds of jobless people a place to study for better qualifications. How is this helping the economy or local people ? Again no apology from Labour.

Slough Council displayed a big poster on the side of the partially demolished bus station showing Labour's Heart of Slough scheme will abolished all road traffic in Wellington Street.

How will people from Cippenham travel to Langley if Labour plans to ban traffic from Wellington Street? Are Slough Council's expensive posters, paid by public taxes, deliberately wrong or will Labour really stop traffic using Wellington Street ? The public needs to know.

Paul Janik
The Slough Party.