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5 October 2011

Fiona's Crocodile Tears over University Library ?

Modern Slum-Like Flats To Flood Slough's Town Centre

It must be Spring and 1st April. Why else would our local MP Fiona MacTaggart write such pitiful prose lamenting the demise of Thames Valley University's prize winning Paul Hamlyn library ?

Slough Observer, Friday 30 September 2011, page 17.

So I am going to remember Liverpool when I am tempted to complain about the works around Slough roundabout or about the dereliction of the former Thames Valley University site, where the university, instead of preserving the lovely library designed by Richard Rogers, pulled it down as soon as listing was suggested. Alice 000236

Strangely Mrs MacTaggart forgets that in 1997 when she became Slough's MP, her Labour run Slough Council was already plotting to force the university out of our town. Loony Labour wanted the large university site as a massive high rise flats development.

Strangely Mrs MacTaggart forgets her own bunch of Labour Party councillors, lead by Mr Bulldozer himself, deputy Labour leader Cllr James Swindlehurst, gleefully gave planning permission for 1,598 flats on the site. Labour's plans include a high-rise hotel on the same university site.

How could the impressive library survive ? Labour doomed it years ago under the slogan:-

Adult education is bad for the public because educated citizens start questioning Labour about where has all the money gone.

Uneducated or semi-literate people are easier to fool. They believe everything they are told and they always vote Labour.

Labour's cherished but enormously destructive Heart of Slough scheme, including their ghastly replacement mini-bus station, is not about improving Slough for the benefit of people already living here. It is about quashing-up everything to make room for 30,000 to 40,000 new inhabitants from outside Slough.

Labour wants to make over-crowded Slough a sub-regional capital with thousands and thousands of HDH. High Density Housing actually means tiny high-rise flats, not family houses on the ground. HDH has already started in Slough. Glance at the cramped flats by the railway bridge where Bath Road meets the High Street. See the inadequate space for people and their possessions. It is no place to bring-up children.

If Mrs MacTaggart was seriously concerned about the remarkable TVU library then many years ago the second richest MP would have instructed her lawyers, advisers and assistants to ask the University not to abandon Slough. Mrs MacTaggart's loyalty to our borough is disconcerting.

TVU, after transferring its Slough campus activities to Ealing, Reading and Brentford, has now renamed itself University of West London. After 50 years of higher education on the Slough College site, Labour has successfully abolished university education in Slough.

Paul Janik.
The Slough Party.

A comment from a concerned member of the public

This is one of your best ever letters. The subject of forcing families to live in boxes high in the sky makes me sick. We should have learnt from the 1950s and 1960s what a disaster this is for the children and adults who have to live in such an existence.

Please keep pushing this point because I think it is really, really important. Children do not thrive in tiny, airless 'cells' 100s of feet in the air.

We've banned battery hens. We should next ban High Density Housing.

Local Business Owner,
employing Slough people.
5th October 2011.