Sunday, 15 September 2019
9 October 2011

Baylis House - Sold & Abandoned by Labour SBC

Will Slough's Pitifully Inept Local Council ever do its job ?

A shocking breach of planning law has been allowed at Baylis House, Slough.

The very large marquee structure to the rear of the Grade I Listed Baylis House should have been removed before 1 October 2011.

I visited Baylis House today, Sunday 9 October 2011, and saw the temporary canvas tent is still fully in place. A large wedding event was in full-swing and appeared to be using the large off-white tent for its celebration.

The Directors of Baylis House must have known about the planning restriction but have left the temporary structure in place. Have they charged a commercial fee for its use by the wedding party ?

Few businesses bother to take any notice of the council. Is this any surprise ? Frankly this situation is disgusting.

I demand Slough Borough Council takes immediate enforcement action against the the directors of Baylis House for ignoring the planning restrictions. These people are making a mockery of planning law and of the council's unwillingness or inability to enforce the Planning Inspector's legally binding decision that the massive tented complex is removed from the lawn between 1st October and 31st May.

The conifer trees have also now grown higher than the height of the railings and should be immediately cut down to the appropriate height as stated in the Planning Inspector's decision.

Slough Council should avoid being seen as always weak in planning matters. The public want their council to be strong, to take positive and immediate action. This situation is a joke and does the council's reputation no good.

When will the council act to preserve the character of Slough's Grade I Listed building, formerly owned by the citizens of the Borough until Labour sold it ?

A Local who cares about Slough