Friday, 14 December 2018
19 November 2011

Council Failures Damage Slough's Image

Are Ruth Bagley & Rob Anderson worth the money the public pays them ?

Remembrance Sunday's wreath layers included multi-millionairess Fiona MacTaggart MP, £186,000 a year Slough Council boss Ruth Bagley and chief Labour councillor Rob Anderson who, in addition to his well-paid full-time job, gets an extra £26,000 a year pocket money from Slough Council.

Each of those VIPs saw names engraved on St Mary's war memorial had faded away yet none can find a few pounds to re-engrave the names of those who gave their lives for us.

Ms MacTaggart preoccupied finding safe seats for her prodigies Cllr Natasha Pantelic and Cllr Rob Anderson, Mrs Bagley appearing aloof and oblivious to everyday Slough and Cllr Anderson living on a different planet, do not seem to care.

The annual Remembrance Sunday parade and march-past outside St Mary's was disrupted by a line of shoppers' parked cars.

This undignified but totally avoidable mess, artistically created by Slough Council, was unworthy of those we remember and those who attended. It was a bad example of our town but a truthful impression of a council seriously out-of-touch with its paying customers.

Proud to be Slough, despite costing thousands of public money and much council staff time, was conspicuously absent.

It is charitable to forgive but how much longer must local inhabitants tolerate these distressing examples of expensive and woeful council inadequacy ? Surely Slough and its people deserve a lot better ?

Paul Janik.
The Slough Party