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1 December 2011

Continuing the debate about our War Memorials

Reply to Malcolm Helling's Letter

Dear Malcolm,

Congratulations for your wonderful letter. I totally endorse your well-expressed comments.

Incidentally about Labour's 46% staggering pay rise for councillors. Labour's chief councillor, Mr Robert Anderson, currently gets £26,000 from SBC. Other Labour councillors get £17,000+ a year, comprising councillor allowance of £8,000 plus Commissioners allowance or police committee allowance or fire committee allowance etc.

It is a pity these well remunerated representatives of the people seem to have so little time for our borough and the dreadful state it is in - 3 actually work and live away from Slough. Ignored vermin infested rubbish at the rear of the High Street to routine failure by the council to sweep local pavements for at least the last 5 years. I've taken several photographs a year, every year, as proof.

There is no evidence to show Slough Council cares about maintaining our town's existing war memorials. Therefore how can anyone honestly trust the council -- that once upon a time was run by town people for town people -- to look after any extra new memorials ?

What is the point in Slough having a local council that is run for the benefit of very highly paid personnel, with no obvious affinity for our run-down borough, while Slough gets shabbier, the High Street becomes inaccessible to local people because of the council's lust for parking fines - which also frightens away visitors to our town ?

The council can't repair the street lights (just look at Farnham Road) or sweep the pavements for the last 5 years or even repair potholes and sunken water mains covers in the road ignored for at least the last 4 years (Slough Trading Estate and Stoke Road bridge) ?

Showing respect to those that died for us is the least any decent community can do. Civic pride and civic leadership in other European countries starts at, and with, their local councils. Putting-up silly tatty flags 'Proud to be Slough' is a mockery of the civic pride conspicuously missing from everything OUR council does.

Frivolously wasting money on council consultants, because the staff can not do their own jobs, and on other non-essentials will always mean the council has no money for the projects the public really want.

I shudder for the future.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Janik,

Paul Janik
The Slough Party